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Our vision is to help our Alma-Mater, The Indian School of Business reach the Top 5, Best Business Schools in the world (FT Rankings). Note that we are not officially connected with ISB and are an independent organization, with no conflict of Interest. As Alumni of ISB, we believe it is our duty to contribute towards brand enhancement of ISB.


CrackISB is the ONLY team which follows a completely unique and different approach to ISB admission process unmatched by anyone in the world as of now. Our patented HR instruments (Patents pending) are designed to almost re-create a person's personality DNA in the most simplest process. This prevents us from following a one-size for all approach in a CREDIBLE way (This is not just a statement, but our actions speak for it). We personalize our  services based on the HR instrument analysis and carry out SWOT analysis of the candidate. This helps us provide you with your own unique and personalized advice and help you Crack ISB

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Our Mission is to help prospective candidates present their best and true self to ISB in a manner which provides value to candidates and our Alma mater-ISB. Our mission for the next three years is summarized below:

  1. Be the guiding force to help 150 candidates get into ISB- 2014
  2. Be the guiding force to help 350 candidates get into ISB- 2015
  3. Be the guiding force to help 500 candidates get into ISB- 2016

Consultancy Process

The ISB admission consultancy starts off with you expressing interest in our consultancy. Then one of our managers will work with you to understand your background and your needs along with a set of automated activities to be completed by you (This includes HR Instruments, uploading your documents, drafts, rough application form etc based on your service request). After this, a background match of your profile is made and an ISB advisor who matches your profile is chosen for ISB admissions consultancy and advisory process to help you Crack ISB admissions process.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team whose only focus is on ISB and ISB admission  process. We continuously recruit new candidates from ISB as advisors who bring with them  the latest trends in changing ISB admission process so that you get the BEST and most RECENT insights to Crack ISB.

Ruthless Focus

Our focus on ISB and GMAT is unparalleled. We take care of everything from your GMAT score enhancement to ISB application. Our combined team has experience with  more than 2000 hours of B-school essays helping people worldwide. All this expertise is at your disposal to help you Crack ISB.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic view of the candidate. Unlike some ventures that  only provide interview services, we take care of all your needs to get into  ISB- This includes your personality and HR evaluation, helping you score your best for GMAT and customized advice to Crack ISB.

Expert Team

Our team is composed of more than a dozen ISB alumni spread in various geographic locations around the world with more than 2000 hours of experience in screening ISB applicants. This is increasing every day and we hope to have more than 100 ISB Alumni as advisors by Dec 2014.


June 15, 2012: More than 30 ISB Alumni are part of CrackISB advisory Team to help candidates Crack ISB.

June 29, 2013: Online version of CrackISB is officially launched

June 29, 2010: CrackISB launches a completely New, Innovative and Proprietary use of psychometric HR instruments for ISB admissions.

August 01, 2013: Dexterous Review launched to extend services to GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT aspirants.

February 25, 2014: Obliging to students requests, CrackISB is now also at Road No. 2, Banajarahills.

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